Cool Camp: Pet Helpers PAWS Camp

Cool Camp: Pet Helpers PAWS Camp (Image 1)

Kids and pets go hand and hand, so having both in one camp, makes for a fun time. The PAWS camp has them both. We're on James Island for our Cool Camp of the week.

It's the Pet Helpers PAWS camp, that stands for Promoting Animal Welfare and Safety camp, and it's now in its fourth year.

PAWS is a one-week day camp designed for students entering fifth through eighth grades. The focus is on animal welfare and responsible ownership, but campers also participate in a variety of arts and crafts, games, and independent projects. Camp director Jessica Branton says, “It's a cool camp because the kids get to come in and learn about all aspects of a shelter. We've been doing it to kind of promote animal welfare and safety and establish, compassion, and empathy in kids, through fun activities, where they don't necessary know that they're learning, kind of fooling them into it, so they can take home lessons about animal safety.”

PAWS has three sessions of camp this year. Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll hear from the campers about their summer experience helping animals.

Do you have a cool camp you want to spread the word about? We are highlighting camps that promote continued education, mentoring, health and fitness, and creativity. Send an email to Octavia at, and your summer camp may be featured on News 2.

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