Cool Camp: Youth Leadership Summer Camp

Cool Camp: Youth Leadership Summer Camp (Image 1)

Charleston County Human Services Commisson's Youth Leadership Summer Camp has students in the books and on the move. We're in Dorchester county for our Cool Camp of the week.

The non-profit agency provides service to rural areas in Charleston, Berkeley , and Dorchester counties, and rotates summer camp sites between the three counties. This year, the Youth Leadership camp is being held in Dorchester at Harleyville-Ridgevillle Elementary School. The camp is free for income eligible students. The children age 6 to 12 receive daily instruction from certified teachers in language arts, math and physical education.

Camp program coordinator Mallory Mace says, “I think it's really great just because we get to get the kids more involved during the summer, and they get to have a lot of fun and still continue to learn, so they're ready to go back to school when it starts.”

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll hear from the students participating in the Youth Leadership Camp, and show you how they tried to help Octavia improve her basketball skills, or lack there of.

Do you have a cool camp you want to spread the word about? We are highlighting camps that promote continued education, mentoring, health and fitness, and creativity. Send an email to Octavia at, and your summer camp may be featured on News 2.

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