Cool Camp: CSI at Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University

It's a unique camp that has students searching for clues, and learning about crime scene investigation. We're in North Charleston for our Cool camp of the week.

During the week-long camp, high school juniors and seniors complete classroom lectures and participate in hands-on crime scene investigation. This is the third CSI@CSU camp. Criminal Justice Professor Alan Fix says, “With all the TV shows, all the interest that has been generated about CSI. We thought it would be a great way to explain to the kids. It's not like it seems on TV. We kind of bring the real world situation to them and let them know that what the job really is.”

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll take you to a mock crime scene as students work to track down evidence.

Do you have a cool camp you want to spread the word about? We are highlighting camps that promote continued education, mentoring, health and fitness, and creativity.

Send an email to Octavia at, and your summer camp may be featured on News 2.

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