Cool School: Pinckney Elementary

Cool School: Pinckney Elementary (Image 1)

Charles Pinckney Elementary is the largest elementary school in Charleston county. Academics, sports, special programs, they offer a variety of opportunities for students. We're in Mount Pleasant for our last Cool School of the week for this school year.

Pinckney Elementary has nearly 12-hundred students in third, fourth, and fifth grades. The National Blue Ribbon school has had excellent report card ratings since the program began, and has Palmetto Gold awards for achievement, as well as for closing the achievement gap. The school offers single gender classes. Some students are taking middle school course. Digital literacy is encouraged through the use of IPads. Pinckney has eight IPad carts with 30 Ipads each. Teachers rotate and check out the IPads for projects with their classes.

Principal Leanne Sheppard says, “Pinckney Elementary is one of the top performing schools in our state. I think we're a Cool School because of the individualized and personalized opportunities that we give our children, but also because we understand that children learn in different ways, but they also have different interest and therefore we make sure we have a variety of extra curricular activities.” Fourth grade student Joseph Coll says, “There are so many great programs for example, the ecology club. The ecology club is very focused on recycling and helping the economy.” Assistant principal Tiffany Henderson says, “We are very focused. We have a huge parental support here. We have a lot going on. It's fun for kids. All of our students have a way to get involved somehow, which is really neat. Third grade student Maya Pelletier says, “The teachers are helpful and kind.”

Fifth grade student Kindred Moore says, “There are so many great opportunities here. It makes students reach their full potential and grow as a person. The teachers here, they're spectacular. They push you very hard, as hard as you can, and they teach things above your level so you can be prepared for the future.” Fifth grade student Kendall Valdry says, “I think Pinckney is a Cool School because of all the cool events we have here. We have Pinckney Palooza, a celebration of the arts.” “Our teachers provide unique opportunities, and we learn by singing, role playing, and drawing, but my favorite is to learn with the IPads,” says third grade student Isabelle Turner.

Pinckney has a long list of extra-curricular activities, chess clubs, tennis, basketball, and volleyball teams, ecology club, lego league.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll tell you about Pinckney's innovative alternatives to the traditional desks that incorporates movement.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. Send an email to Octavia at Maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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