Northwood Academy’s Living History program

Northwood Academy's Living History program (Image 1)

Bringing history to life to create a fun lesson and help discover talents, that's the goal of a unique program at Northwood Academy. We're in North Charleston for our Cool School of the week.

Learning about history can be fun and entertaining, and at Northwood Academy, students dress the part. It's all a part of living history. Teacher Presley Singleton says, “Journey through American History is a program developed at Northwood Academy about seven years ago, and what we've done is we made it a cross curricular activity, where the 8th grades students put into groups of three and four, and they will research a character from literature, science, history, or physical education.”

Students write their own scripts for plays. They paint backdrops, decorate sets, dress in character, and recite what they've learned in front of an audience of parents, members of the community. Third grade students take a field trip to the upper school to watch. Upper School principal Dr. Darlene Anderson says, “It's just a very cool place to learn. The living history project is one of the most memorable things that we do. Students in third grade when they get to eighth grade, remember having visited it . It helps students find talents that they didn't know they had.” Eighth grade student T'Naeya Stackhouse says, “It helped us learn faster than just teaching it in normal class because we get to see it in a better way and it was fun.” Eighth grade student Wesley Miller says, “We did projects and papers on our actual character, but seeing other people skits, I was able to learn a whole lot more.”

Students say this program and many other qualities set their school a part. Fifth grade student Tes Smoak says, “We have Christian based spirit and I just really like this school.” Senior Aamon Oree says, “Northwood Academy is a cool school because of the teachers. They really care about you. You get a chance to build a relationship with them and they're always there when you need them.”

The 8th grade students who participate the Living History project visit Washington, D.C. as their major overnight field trip. Seventh grade students visit Colonial Williamsburg.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we'll present Northwood with our Cool School award, and we'll tell you about a kindergarten student who made a lasting impression.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. Send an email to Octavia at Maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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