College Park Elementary’s Rocket Math program helps students soar

College Park Elementary's Rocket Math program helps students soar (Image 1)

Students at College Park Elementary are blasting off with math. An innovative and unique program has students eager to solve math problems. We're in Ladson for our Cool School of the week.

Walk into College Park Elementary on any day at 7:45am and you will hear an unusual sound, a unique buzz, students racing their way through reciting the answers to math problems. It's serious business. It's called Rocket Math. Teacher Rebekah Mashburn says, “Rocket Math is a program that we have implemented school wide. It really helps our students with fluency in multiplication, division, place value, and even addition and subtraction in our younger grades. We've noticed a lot of growth in our students especially in those areas with those fluency facts.”

All College Park Elementary students blast off every day for 15 minutes with Rocket Math. Each student starts at their individual level. They practice independently and with a partner. Students then take a one minute test to move through levels. Each student has their own individual Rocket Math sheet. Once they fill up their rocket, they earn a letter for their class to spell “Blast Off.” They earn a rocket popsicle party. The school-wide math fluency program is turning students into mathematicians. Fourth grade student Xavier Martin says, “I blasted off with everything, like when we do multiplication first. It only has 40, since then I have passed everything, it's 80. I like math.”

CPE has a hall of math that includes problem solving strategies, math vocabulary, and real world math problems for students to solve. Principal Amanda Prince says, “We want children to be automatic with their math facts, that way they have extra room in their brains to really problem solve.” You learn math facts faster, and get it quick,” says fifth grade student Faith Gleaton. Fifth grade student J'Lynne Echevarria says, “Rocket math is awesome. I was struggling in math. Now I know more about division and multiplication and all of that, because now they show me different things, and I learn more every day.” “They all like to have fun. They let us do fun activities, says fifth grade student William Johnson. Mashburn says, “Obviously with Rocket Math, math rocks.”

Students also earn prizes and are recognized with a certificate. This is the second year for Rocket Math. In addition, this year, the school implemented a school wide problem solving strategies project. Students were introduced one new strategy weekly through hands-on activities, and were able to teach their parents the problem solving strategies.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we will present the College Park Elementary Beagles with our Cool School award.

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