Sanford: Cell phone inundated with calls

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says his cellphone has been swamped with hundreds of calls this week after House Democrats sent an email telling donors to call the number.
Sanford faces Democrat Elizabeth Colbert (KOHL'-buhrt) Busch in a special congressional election May 7.

Colbert-Busch and Sanford to debate Monday evening at the Citadel

Trespassing accusation leaves Sanford on his own
He says the emails show he's running against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as much as Colbert Busch.
A spokesman for the House Majority PAC, Andy Stone, says Pelosi supports the group but does not run it.
Stone says Sanford opened the door to the calls when he published his cellphone number in an ad in The Post and Courier of Charleston last weekend.
Sanford said in the ad that people could call his cell if they have questions about a Democratic attack ad.

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