Arts program helps Rollings students soar

Arts program helps Rollings students soar (Image 1)

Top notch talent is on display every day at Rollings Middle School of the Arts, a school with motivated academic scholars. We're in Summerville for our Cool School of the week.

Music fills the hallways at Rollings Middle School of the Arts, a magnet school with a stellar arts program. Strings, piano, band, theatre, chorus, dance, visual arts, Rollings Middle School of the Arts attracts talent from across Dorchester District Two. Principal Kathy Sobolewski says, “All of our students come to Rollings knowing they are good at something. Once they get here, they get daily very intense instruction in one of those arts areas, and we capitalize on their expertise in the arts to use what they know about the arts to help their learning in other classes.”

Students have to audition to attend Rollings. Dance teacher Amanda Neikirk says, “It's a 100-percent effort. They know coming in that the expectations is very high in all of our core art forms. All of our teachers are amazing at motivating the students, teaching them a variety of things that makes them just fall in love with that art form even more when they get here.”

Students have high motivation. Sixth grade student Graysen Hasty says, “A lot of kids, they go to school all day and they do math and English. Sometimes you just need a break from that, and you need to do what you really love, and this is the one hour you get to do your favorite thing in the world, and you get to do it everyday. It's awesome.” “To be able to master an art like that, and be able to go to a school that helps you with that. It's just a cool school,” says seventh grade student Sam Hobson. Eighth grade student Brianna Tomlin says she has more confidence, “You get to develop the talent that you came in with. I'm an 8th grader. I came in with little skill about my core, which is vocal, and now, I'm coming out and I pretty much know almost everything I need to know. It's great.” Eighth grade student Alexis Di Pierno says, “We get to do what we love everyday.”

Vocal and piano students perform in New York City, and band and vocal students have yearly performances in Orlando. Rollings students are repeat winners of visual arts in competitions in the district and the state. Theatre arts, strings, and bells students perform at local festivals.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we'll present the Rollings Middle School of the Arts Knights with our Cool School award.

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