Baby Veronica New Year’s Eve transition

Baby Veronica New Year's Eve transition (Image 1)

New Year's Eve 2011, Matt and Melanie Capobianco clutch their 2-year-old adopted daughter Veronica. In the middle of downtown Charleston their friends and family gave them emotional support as they prepared to hand Veronica over to her biological father and possibly never see her again.

A family court ordered the 30-minute transition because of a law known as the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Veronica's Biological father, Dusten Brown, is part of the Cherokee Nation, and because the law states native American children should stay with their native American culture, he takes the toddler to live in Oklahoma.

ICWA was written in 1978 because of instances where American government removed native children from reservations, some experts say the law was written so the American government couldn't place them in foster homes outside of the reservation but instead the tribe could have the option to raise them.

The controversy in this case is partially because the Capobiancos legally adopted Veronica from birth because Brown signed a waiver saying he would not contest the adoption.

You see in this video Brown refused to comment in detail but he and his mother admit this is the first time they've met Veronica.

Click here to see what Brown said during court hearing.

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