Baby Veronica case primed for SCOTUS

Baby Veronica case primed for SCOTUS (Image 1)

The court documents from the South Carolina Supreme Court hearing are released.

In this video you see some of the documents detailing of what happened inside
court, where cameras could not go.

Plus Judge Kittredge's lengthy dissent attacking Dusten Brown as a father, to
which he said the justices were giving him credit he did not deserve referring
to the text messages he sent Veronica's biological mother wanting out of any
financial responsibility to her and Veronica, “and no amount of
revisionist history can change that fact,” Kittredge said.

In court Brown admits he had the financial means to care for Veronica, had the
time to attend doctors appointments with the biological mother but still did

“Do you think that's conducive to being a father?” Justices asked
him. He denied but argued he did not realize signing a waiver meant Veronica
would be adopted outside of the family.

Because of the narrow split by state justices, a local attorney explains to
News 2 how carefully worded the dissent is, he said that's priming it to go to
the United States Supreme Court.

At the heart of this case, the Indian Child Welfare Act is a federal law
conflicting with state law. That basically means it's a conflict only the
nation's highest court can clarify.

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