Rob’s Trip Day 4 – A trip to Paris

Rob's Trip Day 4 - A trip to Paris (Image 1)

It was another eventful day for our Charleston tour group. First stop after another hearty Parisian breakfast (you don't go hungry here!) was the world famous Louvre.

It did not disappoint! Thanks to our wonderful guides Jean Andre and Tomas, we learned and saw so much history and works of art we only before saw in pictures and read about in books. The size of the Louvre itself is mind boggling. There is no way to see everything in one day….and maybe not even in one week! Highlights of course including the most famous painting in the world….The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. What was amazing is how small the actual original is. While many pieces of art here covered entire walls or ceilings, the Mona Lisa only covers a small fraction of one room. I have included pictures for you to enjoy. By far, on a very busy day at the Louvre, this was the most popular place to be. iPhones and cameras everywhere!  The mystery of The Mona Lisa is quite interesting.  You can check it out by visiting the Louvre website.

Our next stop inside the museum was to see the sculptures, including one I think you may have heard of….Venus de Milo. It was amazing to see this masterpiece in person, after hearing and reading about it my entire life. I was able to snap a few good photos of this Ancient Greek statue.

There is plenty to see at the Louvre, but it was time to move on and enjoy some free time with members of the group. Many of us decided to submerse ourselves in a typical French area known as Saint Germain-des-pres neighborhood in Paris. It was fascinating walking the streets, talking to the vendors, and enjoying lunch at a typical French cafe…..we ordered a specialty called a Croque Madame, which consisted of toasted bread, ham and cheese, topped off by a fried egg on top. It was delicious! We made sure we saved room for dessert, and for us, that meant a strawberry crepe! Needless to say, we are stuffed!

After a busy day in Paris, we are now headed back to rest and get ready for another day to enjoy the world class city!

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