Rob’s trip Day 2 – A week in Paris

Rob's trip Day 2 - A week in Paris (Image 1)

We arrived in Paris this Tuesday morning at around 8am local time, and immediately boarded our tour bus for a city tour. Doing the honors for us are our local guide Jean Andre and bus driver and guide Hans.

It's a chilly, rainy day in Paris….with temps in the upper 40's. Paris is a city with some 10 million people living and working in the city and its nearby suburbs. We arrived at rush hour, so it took us quite awhile to get from the Charles De Gaulle Airport to Downtown Paris.

Once we arrived, we knew we we in a very special place with amazing history. The architecture is spectacular, and even though the weather is not the best, it was still cool to see all of the buildings and hear the history.

I have to admit, seeing the Eiffel Tower was a huge thrill. I did not realize the Tower was only supposed to stay erected for only 20 years, but as you well know, that has long been surpassed. We will have dinner inside the tower later in our trip…today, it was admiring it from the ground!

We also made a special stop on our downtown tour at the Notre Dame Cathedral. This historic building is downright breathtaking from the outside, and just as impressive on the inside. A huge crowd was gathered in the rain to tour this still active Catholic Church.

It was then time for lunch, and we certainly enjoyed our feast, and spending time getting to know members of our group a bit better!

One final observation from today…always keep your eye on those who travel the city on motorcycles or scooters. They have no fear, and provided us interesting conversation, as we watched them weave in and out of traffic!

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