Rob Journal Day 3 – A trip to Paris

Rob Journal Day 3 - A trip to Paris (Image 1)

After getting a good nights sleep, recovering from the jet lag of Monday and Tuesday, it was off to the races for our group today. After a hearty French breakfast at our hotel, it was time to head out of Paris on our first excursion. Our destination on this cloudy, cool, and rainy morning was the Village of Giverny, famous for one its past residents….an impressionist painter who goes by the name of Claude Monet!

Yes, we got a chance to see where Monet created magic, but putting brush to canvas, as only Monet can do. His home was stocked with copies of his work. The originals worth so much, they can't be displayed here.

Monet also was proud of his garden, and even though our French guide Jean Andre prepared us for a bit of a letdown for this years show, the garden was still breathtaking! Unfortunately the harsh winter and early spring in Europe has delayed many blooms and blossoms by about a month.

After touring the home and gardens, we had a wonderful group lunch, complete with a glass of a special apple cider made right here in this region of France.

After lunch, we headed to Versailles, going through the French countryside and several French villages along the way.

Kudos to our driver Hans for giving us this special treat!

There are no words to describe the Palace of Versailles. It is one of the most breathtaking groups of buildings I have ever seen. More than one time I heard a comparison to the Biltmore House from members of our Charleston tour group.

This massive structure….ordered built by King Louis XIV…is first class in every detail, from the Hall of Mirrors, to the King's bedroom itself. All I can say is the pictures don't do justice to the real thing!

Hope you enjoy the pictures posted on our website, as well as Rob Fowler Storm Team 2 on Facebook.

On Thursday It's off to the Louvre to see some of the most famous of all time, including the Mona Lisa by DaVinci.

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