2 Your Health Lowcountry’s Largest Loser Contest “Gaining Self Respect”

2 Your Health Lowcountry's Largest Loser Contest "Gaining Self Respect" (Image 1)


It is one instance in which the more you lose , the more gain.

the 12 contestants in The Lowcountry's Largest Loser contest are shedding pounds and shaping up.

2 contestants explain that by losing weight everyday they are also regaining their self respect.

Kirk Giles has shed nearly a pound a day over the past 40 days. He says it is hard work but the contest has helped him make the connection.

“Going to the gym everyday. Getting my exercise in and having a dietician handy that I can ask questions if something concerns me about my diet.”

Nikki Bowie also has her eyes set on winning and while she has dropped fewer actual pounds than Giles, she is leading in the percentage of body weight loss of the 12 contestants. Bowie has lost 31 pounds but more than 15 percent of her body weight.

“Probably for me the biggest thing has been the exercise and also the change in my diet.”

Dr. Neil Cheviot of the Coastal Carolina Bariatric Center says The Lowcountry's Largest Loser program gives contestants the tools they need to manage their weight and ultimately improve their lives.

“The medical benefits are clear the weight effects every organ in the body so everything from their joints their knees their back pain are all going to be improved. Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, all of that is going to be improving as we see this is a tremendous health benefit in every sense of the word.”

The contestant who loses the least percentage of body weight will be eliminated from winning the grand prize. But all 12 contestants will continue to receive weight-loss support until the contest ends May 20th. The winner will receive a 15 hundred dollar Carnival Cruise gift card.




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