Sanford will face off against Bostic in the primary runoff

Sanford will face off against Bostic in the primary runoff (Image 1)

It looks like former Gov. Mark Sanford will face off against Curtis Bostic in the primary runoff in two weeks. While there will be an automatic recount to see who came in second place, even Bostic's opponent Sen. Larry Grooms says that it's unlikely Bostic will not come in second.

The recount is automatic because Bostic beat Grooms by just a few hundred votes, which was less than 1% of the votes, triggering the recount. The recount takes place Friday.

News 2 spoke with Curtis Bostic to find out what he plans to do to win the runoff.

Bostic describes the challenge as a mountain that he has to climb in the next two weeks. However, he says he can win the race and he intends on doing that.

Bostic tells News 2 that he plans to continue doing what he has been doing, and that is talking to voters one-on-one in as many opportunities as possible.

He says his conservative message resonates with voters in the first Congressional District.

As far as Sanford's controversies, the only thing that he will say about those is that the voters have to look at the entire record of both candidates, the good and the bad.

News 2 spoke with College of Charleston political science professor Dr. Jeri Cabot. She says Curtis Bostic could win the race, but it will be extremely difficult.

She anticipates that both candidates will probably spend more time talking about what they would do if elected than criticizing their opponents.

She says one area in which Gov. Sanford maybe vulnerable would be actually getting things done in Washington. Cabot said while Sanford and his ideas are popular, he was not able to accomplish a lot when he was serving in Washington.

Cabot says if Bostic can convince voters that he can do a better job actually accomplishing something in Washington, he may have a chance to beat Sanford.

The runoff election takes place April 2nd.

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