Voter turnout light as new voter ID law takes effect

Voter turnout light as new voter ID law takes effect (Image 1)

The new South Carolina voter ID law is in full swing during Tuesday's Primary election. Ladson Elementary poll workers are reporting light voter turnout Tuesday morning. Poll officials at Ladson Elementary tell News 2 the busiest time was around 8:30a.m. When arriving to vote, expect to show identification.

There are 16 Republicans on the ballot including Sanford and Teddy Turner, the son of media owner Ted Turner. There are only two Democrats – Elizabeth Colbert Bush, the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert – and perennial candidate Ben Frasier.

It is Sanford's first run for office since a 2009 scandal in which he admitted an affair that derailed his political career. The seat became vacant when Gov. Nikki Haley appointed Tim Scott to fill the U.S. Senate seat left empty when Jim DeMint resigned.

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