Cool School: Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary

Cool School: Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary (Image 1)

Students at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School are confident, and proud to talk about their school. They call their school unique and fun.  We're in West Ashley for our Cool School of the week.

Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School is a magnet school for the West Ashley area of Charleston county. The school serves 600 students in kindergarten through fifth grade, and has several special education classes. Students participate in drama, P.E., music, visual arts, ballet, Spanish, and the Suzuki violin method, which allows parents to play a vital role in strings instruction.

They have an excellent rating on the State Report Card, also Palmetto Gold and Silver awards. The school also meets Adequate Yearly Progress every year. Ashley River is also a Palmetto's Finest and National Blue Ribbon school.

The school has a very active PTA, with more than one hundred volunteers weekly in the school.

Ashley River Creative Arts School provides a unique curriculum, project based and hands on learning experience for students. “Our children are first of all confident learners. They're friendly. They're outgoing. They believe in themselves. I really think it's the arts that makes that difference for them,” says co-principal Jayne Ellicott.” She says, “Children develop this wonderful inner sense of self, and that's what makes it a cool school, we have children go out and be wonderful future adults that are involved and engaged in the community.” Fourth grade student Adam Bauer says, “We have teachers who give enthusiasm when they're talking.” Kindergarten teacher Cadence Volousky says, “There's excitement everyday. Something new is going on, new activities, always something different, something special everyday.” Kindergarten student Kylie Swain says, “It's just really fun.” Fifth grade student, Jenny Lever says, “It's fun here. It's different. It's unique, and the teachers are amazing and the students are too.”

News 2 visited on a fun filled day as the school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Fourth and fifth grade students audition for performing groups and clubs that include, drama. chorus, young composers group, drumming, guitar, art, photography, helping hands, robotics, and the news team to name a few.

There is a lottery to get into Ashley River Creative Arts, and entrance is based on residency, not testing or auditions. Right now, there are more than one thousand students on a waiting list.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll tell you about the school's nationally recognized arts integration program.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. Send an email to Octavia at Maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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