2 Your Health “Can allergies cause vertigo?”

2 Your Health "Can allergies cause vertigo?" (Image 1)

 “Lets take a peak in your ears again” As a general practioner, Dr. Theodore Pappas sorts 

through his patient's aches and pains.

“Have you had any wheezing in the last few days?”

And when a patient comes to his office complaining of dizziness, he considers whether “vertigo”

is the reason.

“Vertigo is a sort of generic term used to described a type of dizziness” he says. 

Vertigo can be disabling and frustrating.

“There is spinning sensation where the person feels like they are spinning themselves or turning or the room feels like it is  turning about them.”

So what causes vertigo.  Dr. Pappas says the triggers are all around us.

“Sometimes it's caused by the allergies and sometimes its not”

Dr. Pappas says the body wants to be balanced. 

“Anything that impairs the balance mechanism of the body … the body's balance controlled in the inner ear and the back of the brain the cerebellum” Dr. Pappas says.

Fluid  build-up … ear infection..and yes even allergies…

“Allergies are the bodies response to foreign proteins that for one reason or another the body has become sensitized to”

Dr. Pappas says if you believe the room is spinning but you are not,  check with your doctor for  check up.  What may have started as an allergic reaction may now have you spinning out of control.


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