Berkeley County sewer overflow problems resolved

Georgetown's Wooden Boat Show will go on (Image 1)

Berkeley County officials are pleased to report that the sanitary sewer overflows caused by last week's heavy rains have all been resolved.

Last week, the following pump stations and areas were affected:

  1. PSO13 – Highway 176, near Devon Forest Subdivision, Goose Creek
  2. PSO14 – Henry Brown Blvd, Between Redbank and Liberty Hall Road, Goose Creek
  3. PS030 – Madeline Dr., near Boulder Bluff Subdivision, Goose Creek
  4. PS002 – Liberty Hall Road, Liberty Hall Plantation, Goose Creek
  5. PS005 – Price Street, Forest Lawn Subdivision, Goose Creek
  6. PS022 – Weeks Avenue, Forest Lawn Subdivision, Goose Creek
  7. There was also an overflow at a few manholes on Redbank Road in Goose Creek near Goose Creek High School.  

Since that time, each of the affected areas have been properly disinfected and deodorized. Residents in those areas are asked to call (843) 572-4400 if they have any additional questions or concerns.

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