First Congressional District Runoff debate in Charleston

SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly announced today a First Congressional District Runoff debate to be held on Thursday evening, March 28 in Charleston, South Carolina. Held on the campus of Porter-Gaud School, the debate will be presented by the party, in conjunction with local and national partners.

“On behalf of all South Carolina Republicans, I am proud to announce that the South Carolina Republican Party will be partnering with both local and national organizations to host a Republican primary debate for the First Congressional District on Thursday, March 28, 2013,” said SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly.

“This debate, which will be held five days before the runoff, demonstrates to the district and the nation that South Carolina Republicans will stand united behind a candidate to succeed Sen. Tim Scott. We look forward to the March 28 debate at Porter-Gaud's beautiful campus on the banks of the Ashley River,” continued Chairman Connelly.

DuBose Egleston, Head of School at Porter-Gaud said, “Porter-Gaud is honored to have the opportunity to support the wider community in hosting this debate on campus.  We hope that our students will also take this opportunity to witness one aspect of our political process – the open dialog and exchange of ideas.”

Congressman Henry Brown will serve as the Honorary Debate Chairman and Honorary Co-Chairmen will be former Governor Jim Edwards and Mrs. Ann Edwards.

Party officials decided that an earlier scheduled debate would be impossible to hold, as it would be unfair to winnow the field from 16 candidates. 

Tickets for the debate will start at $10 per person, and can be purchased by clicking here. Local and national media partners, other headlining sponsors, and format for the debate will be announced next week.

The debate will have both a filing center and a spin area. Press interested in being credentialed for the debate should send an email to

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