Charleston County School District prepares to honor teachers

Charleston County School District prepares to honor teachers (Image 1)

Charleston County School District is preparing to honor teachers and principals in a big way. The district will hold it's third annual winter gala to honor excellence in education. This year, they're taking steps to make sure all teachers receive well deserved recognition.

They say a simple gesture can go along way, and Charleston County School District's Office of Teacher Effectiveness is hoping little flags will help brighten a teacher's day.

Friday, the school district will honor teachers of the year from each of it's 80 schools across the district. In addition, six principals will also receive special recognition. Director Anita Huggins says they want to make sure every teacher in the district has a special honor. “There are many different teachers who have impacted our lives throughout the year. Community members, parents, and teachers, colleagues have been able to purchase a flag as our theme is International Indulgence on which a special personalized message is written to each teacher, and those flags will be displayed Friday night. After the event, we'll send those flags to teachers as special tokens for their work through out the school year.”

Cloth flags from various countries will be personalized and displayed at this year's event, “An evening with the stars: International Indulgence Gala” to honor educators. You can purchase a flag for 5-dollars or 5 for 20. The money raised will go towards teacher and principal development and training.

Huggins says, “Our children need great teachers in the classroom, and the key to keeping our great teachers is support and training, but most everyone needs to hear a thank you and at this time of year especially as we come into the season of testing we want our teachers to know that they're doing a great jobs in the classroom for all of our children.”

The Charleston County School District Winter Gala has more than fifty sponsors. The gala will be held this Friday, February 22nd at 7pm at the Charleston Marriot Hotel on Lockwood Boulevard.

If you want to purchase an honor flag, we will have members of the Charleston County School District in our studio tonight taking your calls from 5 to 6:30 PM.

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