CSU to open New School of Christian Studies

CSU to open New School of Christian Studies (Image 1)

Beginning June 1, Charleston Southern University's Department of Religion will transition to a School of Christian Studies.

“The transition to a School of Christian Studies is rooted in our desire to reflect more accurately not only what we teach but also why we teach,” explained Dr. Michael L. Bryant, Dean of the new school. “We will seek to interact in meaningful ways with non-Christian philosophies and religions through critical instruction and field trips. Nevertheless, the content of our classes will focus more specifically on the Christian faith. As to why we teach–we will teach with the aim of preparing students to serve Christ in many different ministry capacities, both traditional and non-traditional. Furthermore, we will seek to equip them to evaluate their surroundings from a Christian worldview.”

“The expansion of our Religion Department to the School of Religious Studies goes hand in hand with the launching of our Center for Christian Leadership,” said CSU president Dr. Jairy C. Hunter.  “These two initiatives will significantly enhance the university's vision of integrating faith in learning, leading and serving.”

The new School of Christian Studies will offer a BA in Christian Studies and a BA in Student Ministry (formerly Youth Ministry). In addition, to encourage the study of Hebrew and Greek, the school will offer a BA in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Languages. Students will also have the opportunity to choose between several new minors, a minor in Christian Worldview and Apologetics and a Minor in Missions and Church Planting. The minor in Christian Worldview and Apologetics will equip students to defend the Christian worldview more effectively. The minor in Missions and Church Planting will train students both academically and practically to advance the gospel throughout the world.

“I am excited about the new School of Christian Studies. Students seeking to be equipped for service will find excellent preparation at CSU,” said Charleston Southern University trustee Dr. Sonny Holmes. “For the past two years faculty from this department have won the prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award, an honor given to professors at CSU who demonstrate teaching excellence in the classroom. Also, the city of Charleston provides an ideal environment for gaining real-world experience about ministry and missions. It contains two Moslem mosques and three Jewish synagogues, among other non-Christian religious sites.”

All faculty members in the School of Christian Studies will teach in the Baptist tradition and affirm important expressions of belief such as the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy. “Along with a firm commitment to important affirmations of the Christian faith, we will seek to be intentional in discipling our students that they may in turn disciple others,” remarks Bryant.

For more information about Charleston Southern University's School of Christian Studies or to schedule a meeting with a Christian Studies faculty member, contact Mrs. Tina Hartley at chartely@csuniv.edu.

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