Woman arrested for pointing gun at Ashley Hall officials indicted for threatening President Bush

Woman arrested for pointing gun at Ashley Hall officials indicted for threatening President Bush (Image 1)

Alice Boland, the woman who is accused of pointing a gun at Ashley Hall officials on Monday, was indicted on charges of threatening the life of a President George W. Bush while in a Canadian airport in 2005.

On Monday, 28-year-old Alice Boland pointed a gun at a school
administrator with students waiting nearby on the carpool line.  Police
say she pulled the trigger several times but the gun failed to discharge.

Police say Boland purchased the gun legally several days
prior to Monday's incident at Ashley Hall.

Court documents show Boland pleaded not guilty for reasons
of insanity in the 2005 federal case.  As it is standard in cases of
threats, Boland was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Federal law states that:  “It shall be unlawful for any
person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person
knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person has been
adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental

A judge would have to rule someone mentally defective in
order for a red flag to appear in background checks.  According to a local
ATF agent, that ruling rarely happens even if and when someone has been
involuntarily admitted.

Here's what happened in 2005 according to Federal Court documents:

On May 14, 2005, Alice Boland became angry as she was going
through U.S. customs in Montreal.  Documents show Boland became very
aggressive and told a Montreal Police officer to “give me a gun, I am going to
kill you.”  She further stated, “I am going to kill President Bush with a
gun.”  Responding officers said Boland felt the delay in U.S. Customs
pre-clearance was the fault of President Bush and therefore made the
threatening statements toward the police officers an George W. Bush.

Boland was arrested by Montreal police and was sent
transported to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.  Boland was treated
and released the following day on a written promise to appear in court at a
later date.

Boland returned to the United States in her parent's Beaufort,
South Carolina home and on May 25, 2005 got a visit from a Beaufort County
Sheriff's deputy and Secret Service Agent John Kenney.  Documents show
that Boland continued to make threatening remarks while being questioned. 
When Kenney asked Boland about her statements regarding the president, Boland
said “Yes, hell yes I would shoot him.  I would shoot him and the entire
U.S. Congress.”  She went on to say that “if I had a gun, I would shoot
you too.”  She then stated that there were two guns in the house. Her
father, Donald Boland denied that there were guns, but agents did find two guns
(an air rifle and a pellet pistol).

On Monday, February 4 2013 Boland showed up at
Ashley Hall School in downtown Charleston while students waited in the carpool line. 
Reports say Boland pointed at gun at Mary Schweers, Director of the Upper
School at Ashley Hall.   Police say she pulled the trigger several
times but the weapon failed to discharged. 

Boland faces weapons charges, aggravated assault with a
firearm and attempted murder.  She is currently at the Al Cannon Detention
Center in North Charleston.

Police say Boland purchased the gun used in Monday's incident legally.

Rob Sprovero, owner of East Coast Guns, says background checks leave big questions, especially about mental health. He says he and his staff focus on the individual who wants to purchase the gun and his/her behaviors. When he has a question about the buyers mental state or ability to handle a gun, Sprovero says he will refuse to sell the gun.

Tune into News 2 at 5 and 6 to hear more from Sprovero.

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