Mount Pleasant Academy’s new spanish class provides early foreign language exposure

Mount Pleasant Academy's new spanish class provides early foreign language exposure (Image 1)

Students at Mount Pleasant Academy are getting an early start at
learning foreign language, and it's all thanks to team work and support
from parents.

Spanish comes to you at Mount Pleasant Academy, and the mobile
classroom makes frequent stops. Spanish teacher Amanda Palacio says,
“It's spanish on wheels. I go to classrooms. Kindergarten through third
grade have me twice a week. Fourth and fifth have me once a week, and I
spend thirty minutes with each class that I go to, and we do an
assortment of things. We play games, we go through a lot of vocabulary.”
We've learned all the basics like greetings, colors, month, we focus on
seasons, but a lot of it has been practicing conversations.”

Foreign language is not funded by the school district on the
elementary levels, so the PTA is footing the bill. This is the first
year for the program at Mount Pleasant Academy. Principal Jane Davis
says,”It's the pride and joy of our school. Our PTA worked real hard to
raise the funds to have a spanish teacher this year. The children love
it, the parents love it. I think it's definitely an advantage to be
exposed to a different culture and language so we are real excited about
it.” Third grade student, Brooke Bennet says, “I really love spanish. I
get to learn a new language and it's fascinating.” Fifth grade student
Tyrell Manigault says,”The spanish here is really awesome. Before,
didn't even know spanish. You're going to be doing spanish in Moultrie
next year if you go, so it's good to start learning now so it would be

MPA is among the highest, when it comes to student achievement in the
state. The PTA also raised money for a computer teacher, and new
playground equipment.

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