Cool School: Mount Pleasant Academy

Cool School: Mount Pleasant Academy (Image 1)

Nestled in the arms of the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, you
find Mount Pleasant Academy. We're in Charleston county for our Cool
School of the week.

Mount Pleasant Academy has 536 students in grades pre-k through 5th.
Known for its strong academics and rigorous curriculum, MPA has
excellent ratings on school report cards. They are among the highest in
the state, when it comes to student achievement. The state of the art
school has smart boards and document cameras in all classrooms.

Principal Jane Davis credits dedicated teachers, motivated,
well-behaved students, parents and community support for the school's
continued success. Davis says, “I think Mount Pleasant Academy is a
wonderful school. The best school. I spent lots of years of my
professional career here at Mount Pleasant Academy. It keeps getting
better and better. Our teachers grow, our children grow, our community
support grows. I can't say enough good things about our school.” Third
grade student River Simmons says, “She's the best principal I ever had.
She's not mean. She's really good at doing her job.” Teacher Kathy Pyle
says, “I love Mount Pleasant Academy. It's an amazing school, very lucky
to have a lot of parent involvement, as well as community involvement.
It makes our job a lot easier.” Fifth grade student Jayla Grant says,
“This is a very good school because we work very hard and we love
learning here.”

Mount Pleasant Academy has a mother daughter book-club. The school has green initiatives and green day celebrations.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll tell you about MPA's new PTA sponsored spanish program.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. Send
an email to Octavia at Maybe your school will be the
next Cool School of the week.

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