Looming bus strike doesn’t change official’s stance on decentralization of bus system

Looming bus strike doesn't change official's stance on decentralization of bus system (Image 1)

After years of debating whether or not to decentralize the state's bus system, officials are saying this looming strike will not change their stance.

State superintendent, Mick Zais said, “I stand ready and willing to provide any data or information to those legislators who want a safe, but more efficient student transportation system that may include decentralization.”

As is, Dorchester District 2, Charleston and Beaufort are the only districts in the state that privatize its bus system with Durham.

Lawmakers have said it's beneficial, and the other districts in South Carolina should work towards decentralizing from the state controlled fleet.

However, superintendent of DD2, Joe Pye, said this looming strike will be a factor in June when they renew their contract with Durham.

Charleston, Beaufort and DD2 workers did not vote to unionize until after the districts began outsourcing their bus system.

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