Family fights to keep killer in jail

Family fights to keep killer in jail (Image 1)

Wednesday, a Lowcountry family will be forced to relive a murder than changed their entire family.

The Cattles family will travel to Columbia and fight against the parole of the man charged with their father's murder 30 years ago.

“Daddy went hunting Saturday,” Shirley Ward explained. “We had a birthday party planned for Sunday for my son to turn six years old, and daddy didn't show up.”

According to Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, in October 1982, Martin Cattles was found shot dead in his truck. Witnesses said he was drinking and playing pool off Highway 61 close to where his truck was found. His son, John, says a man offered to drive him home and along the way shot and killed his father.

“He goes over to my dad's truck and shoots him through the window,” John Cattles recalled. “Then they picked him like a buzzard. They took his wallet, hunting stool, and his gun.”

“It's hard to explain to a six year old when his papa was killed for 20 dollars,” Ward said.

Following the murder, deputies arrested 22-year-old Kenneth William Green. Green is now serving a life sentence, but he has a shot at parole.

“It hurts to relive the story every year. But it's worth it if we keep him in prison,” Ward said.

The family makes the trip every year, and they say they are scared to skip a year in case the Parole Board ever decided to release Green. They hope others will join them by signing a petition to keep Green in jail.

He was sentenced to life in jail in 1983 when he was 22-years-old. He's now 52, and the Parole Board denied his request for release 12 times so far.

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