Downtown restaurants remember co-worker killed by accused drunk driver

Downtown restaurants remember co-worker killed by accused drunk driver (Image 1)

The friends and family of a man who was killed by a woman
accused of drunk driving are remembering what he brought to their lives.

The accident happened Sunday night on Interstate 526 near Dorchester Road.

Police say 35-year-old Serjei Cahuantzi of Charleston was ejected and
killed in the accident after his vehicle was hit by another vehicle
driven by 24-year-old Lisa Pistolis.

Pistolis is charged with Felony DUI With Death.

Cahuantzi's friends and co-workers at Downtown Charleston restaurants
Joe Pasta and Rue de Jean say they are still in shock and will miss him

“He was just part of the family and we are really going to miss him.
It is going to leave a hole for us,” Jody Wright with Joe Pasta said.

Cahuantzi most recently worked as a bartender at Joe Pasta, but had
plans of starting his own business. Having worked at several places in
the King Street and John Street area, he was well known and loved.

“I mean… this was his block. You never saw him when he wasn't
smiling. You never saw him when he wasn't waving. He was always happy,”
Wright said.

“He'd be by himself and still smiling. He'd walk by the window and
wave. I can't imagine not seeing him walk around the corner ever again,”
she continued.

Cahuantzi is described as a man who loved and cared for his family.

“There was never a moment when he wasn't so proud of his family. When
the niece or nephew was born… he would go out and open up a savings
account and start it so that they could have a college fund,” Wright

He had no children of his own, but he carved out a family with his friends.

“Those kinds of guys are kind of hard to find, but he was just a
great guy. He was always your friend… always there if you needed him,”
Wright said.

Joe Pasta plans to hold a celebration of his life at some point this
coming weekend. They say Cahuantzi would want everyone to gather and
remember the good times. They say all who were touched by his life are

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