Anti-Bullying laws in South Carolina

Anti-Bullying laws in South Carolina (Image 1)

From kindergarten to high school, bullying is something that affects kids all across the country. News 2 continues a week of awareness with a look a look at laws to prevent it from happening.

Bill Nettles, United States Attorney for South Carolina says the federal laws against bullying, fall under recent hate crime legislation that was signed into law by President Obama. That law makes it illegal to threaten violence or use violence against someone because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. Nettles says, “I think that what we need is better enforcement, and I think we need more education on the issue of bullying, and how it applies to federal laws.”

South Carolina lawmakers are making changes to the Safe Schools Act, which calls for a safe climate for students to learn. They’re making revisions to include penalties for violations. Representative Chip Limehouse says, bills regarding cyberbullying and sexting are also working their way to the house floor. Rep. Limehouse says, Today, with computers and internet and Facebook being as strong as it is, we have to address cyber bullying of course, and old fashioned school yard bullying has got to stop. We’re not going to stand for it. We’re cracking down on bullying,”

Sunday night, Dateline will air a special report on bullying, called, “My Kid Would Never.” It airs at 7pm on NBC-2.



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